Scriptflags.com are proud to announce the release of their NEW 2016 Edition eBook: SCREENWRITERS GET HIRED: The Studio Reader, Agent & Development Producer's "18 Red-Flags". Revised & Updated for 2016 this edition provides essential information, advice & guidelines for screenwriters submitting their scripts, treatments, samples & synopsis' to Agents/ Producers/ Festivals/ Script Consultants & Development Organizations. Its purpose is to provide you with the knowledge that de-mystifys the system & clearly explain why everyday:
  • ..approximately 444.4 Scripts arrive Daily in the Offices of Agents & Film Studios. 95% face rejection despite Script Quality & Industry formatting.. 
This eBook also analyses current trends & techniques Agencies attract to, while also revealing the current Agency filtration flags & firewalls. Included in the 2016 Edition is an updated list of the 101 TOP LITERARY AGENCIES recommended for submission. This eBook comes in PDF Format & Includes free Mobile ready versions.
  • The Statistics.
  • The System Works, (If you Know what it Wants!)
  • The Name of The Beast.
  • What an Agent Really Wants in a First time Writer & their Work.
  • Your most Important Work will be done before anybody knows you.
  • The Script & You/ Why 100% of all Screenplays need more work
  • Writing, temperance in a Void & the Art of Fabrication
  • Break the Rules on your Second Script
  • The Market Right Now.
  • Myths.
  • Rejection, "The Emperors new clothes"
  • Script Doctors & Consultants.
  • Competitions/Festivals.
  • Exploitation.
  • Copyright.
  • The Studio Reader's "18 Red Flags!"
  • Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat.
  • Finding an Agent at the bottom of the Garden.
  • The 101 Best Literary Agencies in 2016!

    This New Edition contains Essential Information for You the Screenwriter including:
    • How to Properly Protect your Work & Register your Scripts at No Cost.
    • What to Look for in Agents, Managers & Producers, How to Recognize Warning Signs of Dubious Agencies & understand the Criteria Agents are Legally Bound to.
    • The Common Attributes of the Typical Success Story.
    • Resources: Interactive Links to Legal Information Online.
    • Understanding what an Agent is looking for in a first time or Unknown Writer.
    • Understanding the Natural Advantages of an Unknown Writer.
    • Understanding the Process of Marketing Yourself.
    • A Complete List with full Contact Details for the Top 101 Literary Agencies to Submit to, the Best & most Trusted Agencies for representing Screenwriters, picked by us & Recommended for 2016.

    "Saved countless hours and probable rejections with a fraction of the insight 
    found in this ebook." - Tara Leyton,

    "I downloaded this for my iPad and I honestly refer to this daily.
     I may not have become a success yet, but honestly, where 
    my writing and ideology was back then and to where I am now
     ..this book played an important part. Cannot recommend it more!" -  Danielle Shearer,

    "A Big THANKS to you and your team, 
    for this!" - S. Dixon,

    "What I like about the Digital ebook is that with so much saturated information on the internet, 
    here its intelligently condensed and yes, revealing." - Phillip Moss,

    "A VERY satisfied customer."- James Gibney,

    "What I liked the most is that it made me go through and re-appraise my old scripts
    and find bad patterns that still re-occur. Now the results are showing." - Priyan Patel 


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